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Welcome to the BCIT Retirees' Association Website


Welcome to the next phase of your journey with BCIT. Whether you spent 3 years or 30 years working at BCIT, you can continue to make a difference to the BCIT community and to your life as a retiree. The BCIT Retirees’ Association seeks to maintain an ongoing connection with our retirees, and to weave our membership into a community of people with a common background (BCIT), and a shared period of life (retirement).

Who we are:

We are people who have retired from BCIT, just like you. Our goal is to establish a community that encourages connections with other BCIT retirees, and provides opportunities to build a network of friends into our retired years. We foster opportunities to support BCIT, and assist BCIT students with bursaries that have been established through the BCITRA Endowment fund. We have fun! There are several activities, events, holiday get-togethers and workshops planned throughout the year.

Our Vision:

We are an Association of Retirees who are visible, responsive and welcoming. We encourage members to support other members. Ours is a community where retirees can continue to contribute and add value. We support BCIT as it moves into its sixth decade, and provide assistance to students through our Endowment fund. We are a cooperative of varied and talented individuals who create and lead projects that exponentially enhance our community and beyond.


A message from BCITRA President Gordon Farrell

Our 2019 AGM began with a huge 'Thank You' to the membership for supporting our association during the past year. Attendance at various functions, including valued feedback on information requests, newsletter comments, and increased communications, are great indicators of participation.

The Treasurer's report from Randy Robinson indicate a very stable, debt free financial picture while growing our Bursary endowment annually, based on contributions from the Association, our members and the Johnson Insurance patronage dividend. Our goal is to work toward $75,000 over the next several years. The current balance is about $63,000.

Brian Antonson presented the Fellowship report and encouraged members to take on the benefits of new friendships and reacquainting with former colleagues while serving as a volunteer on the board or committees. Suggestions on new activities are welcomed and we hope to see you at our gatherings.

Karen Cresswell presented the Member Services report, showing there still is a great variance between the numbers of paid members and the total number of retired members. This next year will see a continuance of improving that ratio and requesting member feedback on their choice to be an Active or Inactive member. Please advise us of any personal, email or location changes so we can ensure that we have your correct information. A special Thank You to Ted Marchant for his ongoing support as our Webmaster, our website and information flow is terrific as a result of his efforts on behalf of our Association.

Gordon Farrell thanked Board members for their ongoing support in making a positive difference to Association members in their retirement from BCIT. The support we receive from BCIT is genuinely appreciated, with special thanks to Kathy Kinloch, Paul McCullough, Jackie Jacob, Kimberley Harmsen, Leslie Courchesne, Carolyn Taylor, David Karppinen, and Barbara Kader. We appreciate the door prize gifts from the BCIT Board/President offices, the School of Business office, and Johnson Insurance. The draw prize winners this year are Juri Lilleniit, Barb Cowen, Philippa Crisp, Christine Barnard, Gordon Boleen and Judith Hall.

As well, Gordon thanked BCIT for the luncheon today at our AGM!

As you are aware this past year has been focussed on our Constitution/Bylaws matters, and this topic was an important part of our agenda today. We recognize the need to plan and look ahead, as well as meeting current needs. We now have Officers and Directors Insurance and are reviewing the need for further insurance coverage. Other matters such as annual/special events, staff discounts, recognition as ambassadors, honored colleagues, 'Emeritus' status, letterhead, a memorandum of agreement, position descriptions, etc., are important topics in process. Senior people at BCIT are included where appropriate and we have been offered support accordingly.

Derek Knox, as the Chair of the Nominating Committee, called upon the members present for Nominations from the floor; as none came forward he presented the slate of the current Board as nominees for the Board for 2019. They were acclaimed. As well, 3 volunteers came forward to help out on special events; they are Judith Hall, Gina Ng and Philippa Crisp. We are grateful for their support.

The Dues motions, A&B, were presented as one and were unanimously approved. Please note that yearly dues @ $20 will be activated in January 2020, and a 10-year pre-paid option @ $175 will also be available in January 2020. Dues for 2019 are still $10, if you have not yet paid your 2019 dues, please do so as soon as possible.

The Constitution/Bylaws motion was presented and was unanimously approved. A copy of the approved Constitution/Bylaws document is attached.

Paul McCullough addressed the membership over lunch and spoke of the infrastructure improvements taking place on the Burnaby campus to enable construction/upgrading of several buildings over the next many years. The Health Sciences Building will be the first, then the Trades and Technology Building. To support these activities, a capital campaign has been underway and news of its success to date will soon be announced.

Dave Malcolm gave a brief presentation on a Prostate Assistance program headquartered in Burnaby. Details can be obtained at www.prostatecancerburnaby.org. The BC Foundation’s website is www.prostatecancerbc.ca/home the BC Foundation site includes a list of support groups throughout BC which may be preferred by BCIT retirees who live in areas like Coquitlam, North Vancouver, or downtown Vancouver. He provided a good example of the excellent services that are available in the greater Vancouver area, noting "We coordinate with the Prostate Centre on a regular basis and ensure that our members are aware of the seven free supportive care modules listed at www.prostatecentre.com/PCSC".

A brochure was handed out on BCIT School of Business Field Schools for this summer. Retirees may find this an interesting way to take a trip and see the sights. The field schools this summer are Austria and Italy (June 23-July 13), Spain (July 1-July 19), and Japan (July 21-August 10). Contact for further details are Mark Nakamura at 604-412-7486 or Mark Chiarello at 604-451-6714. Retirees are not required to attend the classes but may choose to do so.

We're pleased to see the BCIT Retirees Association continuing to serve our membership so well.

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Annual Membership Dues and
Endowment Fund Contributions:

Annual dues are $20. A 10-year pre-paid option is also available at $175; of that amount, $20 will be applied to the member's annual dues, and $155 will be contributed to the BCITRA Endowment Fund. A one-time tax receiept for $155 will be issued for the contribution year and the member will be exempt from annual dues for the remaining 9-years. A one-year contribution option is also available. Members who contribute $40 (or more) to the BCITRA Endowment Fund will recieve a tax receipt for the amount contrbuted and the member's annual dues will be waived for one year.

Payment Options

Membership dues and/or contributions to the BCITRA Endowment fund can be paid, as follows:

1. By Cheque
Make cheque payable to the BCIT Retirees' Association. If your cheque is for $40 or more, please notate on the cheque 'BCITRA Endowment Fund'.
Mail to:

BCIT Retirees’ Association
3700 Willingdon Avenue
Burnaby, BC. V5G 3H2

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