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BCITRA Endowment Fund


BCITRA Members - Your Contributions at Work

You may not be aware that one of our functions, as stated in the Bylaws, is “To provide support for BCIT students through funding to the BCIT Retirees’ Association Endowment Fund”.

When you pay dues or send amounts of $25 or more in extra contributions, much of these monies are sent to the endowment fund. With our latest donation to the fund of $1,500 In January, 2019, the principal is now more than $61,500 (see attached PDF). This principal generates interest which is used to provide bursaries for BCIT students in need. In a typical year up to three bursaries are awarded. To date we have given around 35 such bursaries in total.

According to the BCIT Foundation, who administers our endowment fund, “Your support encourages students to achieve their dreams and allows them to thrive during their time at BCIT”.

Please keep these benefits in mind when you are next paying your dues or want to make a separate contribution. We thank you for your monetary support and are working hard to use it effectively.

Donna Foster, President, BCITRA


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